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Hi - my name is Ashley Bovan
welcome to my homepage:

I live in Cardiff, Wales UK
and work at poetry & photography


Word Lists - Nouns - Update

By way of an update...
May 2017



Proper Nouns in the News

Proper Nouns in the News



News Scans - Names in the News

upload - March 2017

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Word Lists updates news

Popular People

Popular First Names



Many Pages of Poetic Writings

upload - December 2016

Pages of poems



May 2016, New Poetry Collection

crack - 29 poems



December 2014, Hyphenated Word Lists

Two new lists of hyphenated words

details - New Hyphenated Lists



—express—70 short poems

November 2014

List of all the poetry links from Open Culture
The best free cultural & educational media on the web

mobile/cell–friendly poetry
one poem a day
nicely formatted for iPhones etc
a different poem every day of the year


MA Poetry Portfolio

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Word Lists for Writers


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Ashley Bovan

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