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Rhythmic Feet

This collection sorts words into their
patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables

So, for instance, you're stuck, you've been
desperately trying to find a word,
you've decided it must have
the rhythm of hard-soft-soft and begin with
a sh sound. OK, open up the 'dactyl 100' file
page down to the sh words and find, for example,
shockingly, sheltering, shrubbery. Of course,
you could make up the pattern from shorter,
separate words.

These lists were compiled by data-crunching
the MOBY pronunciation word list. The patterns
included here are the ones that yielded significant
results. The words are all in CAPS and include
proper names and abbreviations and initials -
so AC is not pronounced ack, its A C as in A/C

The files are tagged with a 0 and 1 code, where -

0 = soft - unaccented
1 = loud - accented


iamb = 01 - eg. exact, release
trochee = 10 - eg. caring, zestful
spondee = 11 - eg. aircraft, deadlock

dactyl = 100 - eg. criminal, visitor
anapest = 001 - eg. incomplete, misinformed
amphibrach = 010 - eg. accepted, regardless

primus paeon = 1000 - eg. militancy, violators
secundus paeon = 0100 - eg. allowances, professional
tertius = paeon = 0010 - eg. insubstantial, unimportant
quartus paeon = 0001 = - (only a few) eg. undersubscribed, interviewee

There are 10 text files:
iamb 01.txt
trochee 10.txt
spondee 11.txt
dactyl 100.txt
anapest 001.txt
amphibrach 010.txt
primus 1000.txt
secundus 0100.txt
tertius 0010.txt
quartus 0001.txt

All in one zipfile

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