The canal-side café @ Goytre Wharf
is now an Italian restaurant
their coffee @ £1.50
energises my legs
for another hour of walking

but then
the next three miles
are tough
The landscape is pretty
but unvaried
I feel like I've already arrived

Noise from traffic
on the main road
flags up pictures
of houses
and factories

~ ~ ~

I found a vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
locked in a garage            beautiful

When I started it up, bits fell off
I fixed them back on again

First time I put it in gear it nearly exploded
cogs screeched, pistons screamed

After an overhaul, I took it out on the road
– juddery bumps, loose steering – fixed

Eventually, after a few more trial runs,
I put my foot down

Oh my god
What a dream

~ ~ ~