This quiet night
up and down the empty street
it's just us

Sound gets munched up
wolfed down by the uncluttered skyline
I sense            a wide field of vision
but I don't look

~ ~ ~

Playing Tennis with a Buddhist

He said he wasn't very good
and since I was always running out of partners
I asked him to play

By 'not good' he meant
By 'not good' I meant
rarely get the ball over the net

~ ~ ~

OK Kate, How Does it Feel?

We must've sat in every Soho café
played the jukebox
heard the same song over and over
You'd say, lovely            and laugh
and rub my knees

I'd met you in a Plymouth café
you said you'd got a job in London
as a nanny
and I said, great
you said, but I won't know anyone
I said, well, you'll know me

~ ~ ~