Of Garden Birds, Group Knowledge,
and Species-Related Telepathic Communication

At first
when you start putting food out
and you go to fill up the feeders
the birds all fly away
but then they get used to you
– they recognise you

and, what's more,
they pass on this familiarity
to succeeding generations

How do they do this?
I think it could be via telepathy
a group-type sharing of consciousness
though, of course, it might be genetic

On the other hand
they might just tweet it

~ ~ ~

Letter from an editor…

Dear Ashley,
thank you for letting us read your poem,
and thank you, also, for setting it 100 years in the past
one of our speciality periods.
However, when you write about splaying a log with your axe
I think even the Pope knows what you're talking about.
We are a wholesome, family magazine and don't want any splaying
going on between our covers.
I think, maybe, you thought you could slip it in by the back door
but we are too on-the-ball to fall for that.
Good luck with placing it elsewhere.
Yours etc…

~ ~ ~