Everything that passes between us

did you ever catch the birth of morning
play a pastime of the rich
what did I want, what did I care

I paint a house
               your face in the window

neatly framed by half the carriage door
              you, with black coat, red rucksack
              early for the train
did I ever belong anywhere
              with anyone, anywhere
reach between the gap to touch your hair
first time              you, with reserved
You & me wait for dawn, in deckchairs
back garden            elastic numbness            grey
make it special            remember
rough shirt and Levis             it was war
pick a line from a song             sing over and over
log it all, discover a pattern
don't tell the dreamers             we all dream

6 of them hold long poles             with spikes
stand around
lift me             by armpits, upper back, chest
a couple feet            into the air
it's OK

it's normal            anyone anywhere
we'd smoke in backrooms
almost friends
or old sleeper coaches
huddled in night rides            storms & wind
but it splits, missed connections            cheap wood
you find a seat            and keep it
don't know            where I am

when I see you
I rest my feet on the floor

~ ~ ~