You Turn Your Own Fortune

They won't listen so much you want to hit them
fall from one cliché to the next
words, so old            every possible blend
intoxicated            chemical            preceptual
long toil            taste their designs

On a warm day            when it's good to be alive
you wait for someone to spoil it
never go back far enough            all this paraphernalia

You shed skin            swim in blue sky
water snake to catch the little car
slow, turn right            a dog coughs, scares birds

With an apology            enough            you leave
to gaze back            two hands           in ribs
patterns of strange shadows
as if you are so stupid you don't matter
bob in the water            go under, rise
finger the thin film of skin

Didn't you write it down?            the place you must be?
spell every word             magic
blurred & wrinkled            skeleton
a jogger puffs past            two fingers
drumming her hands to earphone music

Magpie on the grass hops in time to your thoughts
a fly explores your ear            you stop listening
reach in your pocket            a token from yesterday
stumps of iron railings remind you of war
the wind irritates

Twisted bars, concrete boulders
dead trees,  grey sand,  shrubbery mass
follow the smoke            sunless ruin

No one tells you, blood angel, twenty wonderful

You can't rest
go back into everyone else

~ ~ ~