Come closer

just whisper
sit closer
under the covers
like children
quick kiss
'cause I missed you
touch shoulders
a secret
or read to me
so quietly whisper
so breathy and quiet
and no one can hear
they're downstairs laughing
I made you a flower
or a poem, or a pie
yes, a pie
full of apple
brown sugar and spices
it's yummy and sweet
and we eat til we're ill
like very bad bunnies
splodge pie on my tummy
rub in like lotion
there's pie in the bed
and now we're in trouble
we'll have to leave home
for the circus or high seas
I'll row, you steer            swap later
sing softly            sing whisper
like private            a secret
the night sky            a blanket
star blanket            a secret
no radar            we're agents
fearless            secret and brave
no one suspects us
we rescue dozens
get trapped            and shot
hand in hand            wtf
until next time xo

~ ~ ~