As if we knew

Like a baby            soft-skinned
I did not elect to see the heat and rumble
something other becoming me

I watch TV to know you better            it's got that bad
those circuits            useless
invite your worst behaviour            sorry about that

and all for what?
Cross the river chest-high
in abdomen from white light
played-out dimension
talk dimension, abattoir, money
go to line's end            they've run out of food
hooks and bullies climb the stairs
love the village            love the view?

I picture Llanfawr woods beside the canal
promises on sides of trees
your words like feather grass
phrases of song skim the pool

Some things I remember
through the smell of parkland
the sound of children
a powerpoint            light bulb in shadows
conveyor belt            production line
not much to carry a beat            a breath
kneel to pick up fallen petals            no reason
flip pages            free newspaper
sit on a bench in the train
knit            to finish a row
step aside for the driven            religious
everyone is not quite all there

I will find somewhere to go

Cut-down trees, stumps
the soil now so dry
it chokes

~ ~ ~