damn lambs

ratty, dressed in phlegm
big eyed, fluff, no weather in sky
airplane hum, leaves in trees
wormy piglets sit in mud
fallen trees crack and rot
bugs bug, sing to calves
sticky lolly, red chem stain
ants are clinging to my chin
nest and burrow in my gums
clouds like painting, path like map
old shoes, like I've seen in films
outside shoes, gravel troughs
hey, over there! on that hill
old stone tower, lonely folly
water very cold today
dog with green muck stuck on fur
shakes with eyes and yellow teeth
concrete grin, gummy grin
slobber, slobber, waggy tail,
yap, yap, rattle, buckles, clips
wave my arm, in the air
do kung fu, tread in dog pooh
broom, broom, smelly traffic noise
here canal, there a road
just beyond the railway line
chug, chug, boat putt, putts towards me
smiley waves, on holiday
and in the branches lots of birds
fight and sing and try to eat
fluffy, scraggy, not too bright
fast, so fast, zip here, zip there,
over logs, banks and fences
ancient fences, tales of war
see old armies stuck in trenches
have to do what you are told
sit in armchair, back at home
old books stacked beside the fire
faded covers, home for grit
getting tired, glass of wine
and some dog I seem to have kidnapped
when I was out walking

~ ~ ~