You see them moving from stone to stone
if you don't look too hard
even now romance has been burned away
arc lighting, halogen            transparent shadows
guardians            who know nothing
else            long dresses & hair            a dash from 23
to 24            trust nightfall, no matter what

You'll need a satchel to carry the book
smooth the print            your fingers, happy
nothing done can ever be taken

Did you hear that sound?
the crunch of gravel
the gentle smoker's cough
held in
almost nullified

No wonder you turn
to yourself
planks nailed tight
so sleepy
and now it's a comic book
from the 50s
more of an annual
not a weekly or monthly
its frames map out the adventure
enough to last a lifetime
as good a path
as any will suggest
hard covers
but you fold
betrayed by those
you allow to betray you
they're the worst
guiltless, self-composed
they want more and more
any method they can think of
but it's all in the book
you thought was fiction

~ ~ ~