We did think
call it a sparkle of magic
that someone would paint today
describe each moment in a journal

or that its quality would impress itself
into the ethers
something 3rd party
out of my headspace
wherever that may be

Of all the things
that might have gone wrong
none of them happened
the thread continues
you know as well as I do
where it is conceived

not on highroads
not underground
not even in shadows

I came prepared
tealight and a plastic saucer

Starlit sky            an entryway
no distance            freedom for together
is our friend

All this paraphernalia is not dream
nights in the corner like feather grass

The candle floats
gentle, almost still, currents
little flame, so easy

At home, I broke a light bulb
left the filament intact
made life
from mud

~ ~ ~