Sorry About Getting Lost

I think we both know
the hillside was once covered in trees
and the only reason they left that patch of woods
was because it was too expensive to build on
and the houses aren't that good to look at
not for us
passing by
but we all appreciate a roof

It's probably because I couldn't see the sky
normally my head is like GPS
I can get you anywhere,
A to B
no prob
and it's not like we were really lost
we knew uphill was the way to go
even if, in the detail, it wasn't straightforward
a few detours

You seemed happy
warm, birds singing, good air
but I wonder if you're disassembling now
it's none of my business, I know
but if I imagine you
picking out all the bad parts
then I'll feel reluctant to ask again
and even if I do
I'll probably say it in such a way
that it'll invite refusal

Look, I've got a Garmin
I'll charge up the batteries
take it with me next time
leave my head at home

~ ~ ~