Do you want to kiss me? She said
and I said, kiss me what?
and she said, kiss me lips
and I said, I'll just finish me chips
and she said, this offer expires in 2 seconds
so I promptly kissed her
and she said, vinegar
and I said, what?
and she said, balsamic, I prefer balsamic
and the way she said balsamic
was like a 17L V8 engine
starting up inside me
inside me guts

~ ~ ~

I'm Tired, Semi-Conscious

I want to be broken like a matchstick
snapped, found useless, discarded

(I want to be) like a piece of litter that blows up
and settles in your lap and then you brush it away
as inconsequential and trivial as that
(I see a perfunctory moment of disdain as you flick me off)

I want to be tossed like a tennis ball afloat on stormy waves
(I want to be) made to feel inadequate, way below par
just so totally not a member of the gang

I want to get one out of ten
I want you to tell your friends what an absolute jerk I am
a twat tell them not to waste their time
tell them to tell everyone, tell them to laugh

(I want to be) pointed at and ridiculed
bullied, hunted for sport

will phone you soon

~ ~ ~