You're Extracted Now

I'm dumped, on a leash
Dazed and tired
Walled up
like a 1930s municipal reservoir
       sluices choked with weeds

I hold a snapshot
of your smile
as you hang by the door
and watch me depart
I predict it's a grin
that will turn toothless
when, eventually,

ripped by longing like it wasn't mine
I wrenched out some words
       discovered what I wanted to say
And you, you were pleased to listen

Then, some lively moments in space
       Open, like there was no power
       that could ever drain the warmth
       from our alliance
       I watched you
       spread around the news
       of your conquest

And so, by the door
the feeblest of hugs
We know this is probably
the end

~ ~ ~