just how many more years
crazy moon spin
crawl deep ocean
never that dark
that salt block
circle line            night line
round the syrup of dope
a long time crazy
hundred years            or two, or more
jesus kissed you
how many years
a wheel of death
to spin the centuries            hunger and touch
a kiss like jesus
gets your nerves

these old lives test me
bog me down
when all I need…

they say you can expand yourself
to fill the night sky
twist the star map around
move time backwards
or forwards

~ ~ ~

For Patricia who talked about old clocks in shop windows
and how we need the one right time and David who took a
whole half-second to say there's no such thing as time and
you, who, kindly, took a whole year to bleed me away which
is good because I go crazy even though I pretend to not go
crazy but this is not about me it's about you, you were the
best and Patricia who got married late in life to an old, sick
man who needed a nurse and David who got laid by a model
who was getting revenge on her ex and for all of us for how
we cope with time today and tomorrow

~ ~ ~