From the outside, these few cottages are 500 years old
but the hedgerows are now wire netting,
concrete fence posts, a line of barbed wire

I follow an old Austin down the lane
and at the curve step into a muddy strip
sectioned off between two fields
I take the slope down to Llanfawr Bay

sit on pebbles and stare out west
to Ireland and beyond
study the printout of your email
as if it was scripture
as if I was trying to penetrate the mysteries of an esoteric sect

The sea here is too dirty to swim
and too cold, after our wet summer

To the right, the coast hooks around
almost lost in drizzle, low cloud

A family arrives, happy to be on holiday
Two children run up the beach to Isaac's Cave
shout, and laugh at the echoes

The next train is in an hour
If I set off now, I'll have a comfortable journey
before the commuters travel home from work

~ ~ ~

Face to the Wall

Press your cheek wrapped in black flag smile falling
falling in breath blooms forgotten / You are perfect
now illusion of spine and kiss each rose colour
dissolve, married in yellow / Take all the last cloud
rising the gift, yellow fields falling in breath / In
space, all space invisible, tangible red, slaked

~ ~ ~