When I first met you
I was walking along the Pembrokeshire coast
You were busy talking to a friend
I'd just like to live in a society
where people cared for each other, you said
and turned
and bashed me in the face
with your bulging rucksack

~ ~ ~


They won't listen so much you want to hit them
falling from one cliché to the next
your words, so old
already combined in every possible way

And then they speak
intoxicated on chemicals or precepts
the long toil as they go through their designs
like you are so stupid you don't matter
but they are all you've got
and you won't make the last step
to nothing

You keep fingering
the thin film of skin that's grown over
and it tears to grow back again
No one tells you
it will be this way forever

You were constructed
new name and life and hair
and then dumped, my fair lady

They wish you'd keep your secrets hidden
so they can feel

~ ~ ~