We came to an arrangement of staggered sleeping hours
in case of psychic attack
that only left us only 8 hours to play, at most,
when 24 would not be enough

I researched an old volume in the Bodleian
bound with leather that was, in fact, human skin
but if it was designed to trigger an expansion of meaning
within the unconscious
then it failed
for it remains indecipherable
both rationally and intuitively

However, this cabal is luscious
The scent of orchid in your hair
The dichotomy of dance from invented to vented
The tension
knife blade
on a string

~ ~ ~


Someone's daughter
carves dirty curves sunwards
affirms and circulates

Proud thoughts
shudder absurdly
stamp into the initiate

Yet this needle
makes little marks

and sweats (with woken worry)
drawn to the gift-fire

~ ~ ~