Too Kind

Surfing the wave of my reminiscence
keepsakes smothered in laudanum
rainy-day linctus
crosswinds wet and chill the pebbles
rock the tethered Skomer Ferry

I linger within a lullaby, stuck
on the marram grass, numbed
with narcosis, mellow-warmed
by your hypnosis

Soon I'll have to jump into orbit
satellites programmed to collide
To the south
the sun picks out a triangle
the weather vane on top of St Mary's Church spire
the old fort ruins near Gateholm
and the lighthouse on Tower Point

I go back to the car
excited by the brewing sorcery
Maybe on the coast road I'll lose
I'll lose control

~ ~ ~

Well, we certainly cleared the room

A couple twisters invited to lunch
Two eyes calm within their own cyclone
Our hosts
hands on temples

I guess you're back home now
No guilt or ego
We just translate
our lines

~ ~ ~