you should come and stay
you'd like it here
you'd have to hide in the wardrobe
but you'd like it

it's quite a laugh, I think
lots of witty banter
fun to listen to, I reckon
[don't titter too loud!]

I could slip you a sausage every now and then
so you won't go hungry
and it's got to be an awful lot better
than where you're at, at the moment, maybe

I could become tidy
hang my jacket up often
and maybe you'd kiss my wrist
a bit wicked, I suppose

I'm practicing / almost prepared
have stuck your photo in the wardrobe
bought sausages

~ ~ ~


He to her was merman
cloud, sun, or nothing
a swimmer in mercury
metallic spinner

She cut night river from muslin
pushed fur into fabric
A call through time
dark meadow, beautiful ocean

~ ~ ~