Well water and wild blackberries
a smile like the side of a broad bean

From Lammas to November
this quarter, from Solstice to Autumn
curved and rippled discontinuity
stumbling flux. The Laws
of Physics need not apply

We danced in A minor, 129 bpm
head get you out
grutching, subterranean

Tonight, drenched atoms hustle
spin, create colour. 2 tracks
from the same album

Cherry acoustic strays through darkness
through dunes and drift, wood and surf
A morning song, melody
a hawk hawk from gangs of gulls

Now there's sand in the bed

~ ~ ~

None of these words are any good
I need a new language
All my music is flat

Didn't you use to visit
when it was quiet?
I can't tell now

This room is full of characters
Come slow and close

~ ~ ~