I was a volunteer at the zoo
but one morning
when the guys came round
to give the animals their breakfast
I was found naked
in a cage
with the tiger
Nice name for a tiger

~ ~ ~

Some of Us are Looking at the Stars

The Plough, Orion, Sirius…
It does mean that this is a cold night –
no clouds

Such is winter
You can't avoid seasons
pushed into the flow
from here to there
and back again

Wish I was in bed
with you wrapped around me
just because we're both outside
not insulated enough to feel comfortable
but not frozen enough to not care

It gets worse as the years go by
the craziness drives you mad
the loneliness, isolation

From one island to another –
Hey! I love you
this cold and starry night
Love that is timeless
Love that has no distance

~ ~ ~