Eye Shadow

There's a trace of you here, I'm sure
a scent, a touch of eye shadow

Did you visit? I think you did
I could have left you cigarettes
or a flask of coffee, a salad

They say you can expand yourself to fill the night sky
twist the star map around
move time backwards            or forwards

…sat in Hopper's Diner            for breakfast
looking east            window            sky
your bodylight fallen            from black rock
to venus star            rivertide            on edges

I don't know what I've been doing
spitting saltwater maybe
trying to sleep in the sea

again the waveburst wave after tremor
only home promising harbours            touched portals

I climb back on board at sunup
watch the crowds eat and talk
They don't listen to my warnings

~ ~ ~

When you and I meet,
I could live there forever
(whatever madness it might be)
I could chain you,
like you have me
Soft you
Carve you
Call to a halt
this ridiculous lostness

~ ~ ~