I am a black and white café
Wooden chairs
Closed down years ago

You want to come round sometime
I'll crank up the coffee machine
or brew tea
We can talk or read or write
or play and sing…

I'll probably feel that I want you to stay
but you know I don't want you to stay
that's about as complicated as it will get

~ ~ ~

Just This, Blanking Away to Nothing

Maybe when it's warm we could sleep out in the woods
close my eyes, stand by the backdoor, smell the smoke
I know how this ends, shut my eyelids, love the village
sleep in the woods, no matter what, feel the smoke drift

let me go, look at people walk to work, the sky together
lift my head, see the moon, a couple bees feed out back
when all I am belongs to you, second skin, wait for rain
pull the strings, shut my eyes, feel it slip, make it better

stay all day, feel the water, forward back, I won't forget
close my eyes, see the moon, all the stars, orchid mirror
look round each corner, call this home, see how it goes
cross the river, wait for dawn, mix it up, don't let me go

walk past my window, the taste of air, not through time
swim in blue sky, take our dreams out, pull the curtains
describe each moment, close my eyes, don't sleep alone
feel it slip, I know how this ends, reach through the gap
just this, blanking away to nothing

~ ~ ~