A New Chapter

She hurries between tables
in the recently-converted
Chapterhouse Diner
Not an eye in view
she turns like a sprite
light-weight kiss in the air

This is for you, she says
only you, she says
A promise
a blender-mixed, four-course feast
a purple-coupled mealtime
she says

Hung in hunger
crucifiction rips my past lives
flicks pages of a comic
paints me as a stripped character
drawn into my own drama

I am chewing
over the plot

~ ~ ~

I just wondered
if you'd like to go carol singing
You and me, and a lantern
dark streets, could be fun

You still walk with me            sometimes
right hand, left hand
or tum-to-tum
with your nails in my neck
I know you're critical
but if I knew what I was doing
I wouldn't

~ ~ ~