Girl with Copper Pennies

A girl
with copper pennies
as big as her palms
and curly hair
playing shops
is now old
with glasses
and teeth
and wondering why
the hell
is he thinking about me?

~ ~ ~

I can't focus on these strings of coloured lights

patterns do not repeat
shops are shut
couples and clumps wander and chatter
Exorcist shows at Gaiety Cinema
live music night at Red Lion
a song I heard in my mother's kitchen

Your necklace caught the colours
black, shiny plastic leaves
begin to show scratches

The radio lets out tunes
lots of wood, pine, Formica
hazy windows, boiling vegetables
lino, cold on bare feet
grubby poverty
with no appeal            no interest
we'd hang out washing            it would rain

I need to rest my eyes
gallery people more interesting than art
blur knocks off sharp edges
the café plays Bringing It All Back Home

~ ~ ~