We had to carry heavy rocks

on our backs
in the village I was born in
up to the hilltop
then they'd roll down
so we had to lug them back up again

One day, I wandered off
and, after a day of walking,
arrived at a new village
There was singing and dancing
I know it's hard to believe            but it's true

I rushed home to tell everyone
but they looked at me like I was stupid
like I was making it up

Of course, I realise now that I'd imagined it
I went through a bad period of intoxicants & licentiousness
but eventually came to my senses
– I settled down to a life of rock-carrying
Only joking!
I send a postcard every now and then            just through loyalty
but I don't know if they read them

~ ~ ~

Baa, Bay, Caw, Coo

baa, bay, caw, coo, kaw, low, mew, moo,
wee, yap, bark, bell, blat, bray, bump,
crow, hiss, honk, hoot, howl, purr, roar,
woof, yawp, yelp, yowl, bleat, cheep, chirp,
cluck, crake, croak, groin, growl, grunt, miaow,
neigh, pewit, quack, scape, snarl, tweet,
bellow, cackle, gobble, heehaw, peewit, squawk,
squeak, warble, whinny, chirrup, gruntle, screech,
trumpet, twitter, whicker, caterwaul

[After Chambers Crossword Dictionary]

~ ~ ~