First night, we both fell asleep
half-dressed, half juiced
in a corner of my bedsit
a youthful focus kept a clean sheet

Night Two, a blood-letting role-play
gammy efforts at him and her
An exam marked by monosyllables
A pattern on the wall

~ ~ ~


Dylan knocked on my door
Hey man, I've read y' words
maybe we could work together?
Yeah, great, err, but, Bob,
I mean, you're joking, right?

(Actually, I'm feeling guilty
I haven't listened to Bob's lyrics
since Blonde on Blonde)

Fancy going for a pint my treat?
We trek to The Allensbank
but both glasses are -inch short of the top
I feel I ought to complain for Bob's sake
but Bob's bemused, he doesn't care, he's distracted
by local personalities, alternate realities
not Trading Standards discrepancies
(Hah! That's superstars for you!)

Bob, take what you want OK?
I mean, this is a dream, right?
(Sorry, just needed to boost my confidence
No harm done)

~ ~ ~