Charcoal from Pine

I made charcoal from pine
and wrote to you
on the side of our rock in the forest

If you're quick, before the rains
you will read it
but I think you will be delayed

Perhaps, to avoid disappointment
I will wash it away myself
and you will be twice as happy

~ ~ ~

The Flower Shops

on Valentine's Day
make more money
than an online casino
but I like to buy you a bouquet
even though you left meten years ago
for a man with better career prospects
who, ironically,
left you
six months later
for a woman
with better physical prospects

I walk the streets
carrying your bunch
suffering the howls from motorists
the twitching net curtains
the CCTV cameras that crank to scan me
but I survive
and get to walk past my wheelie bin
and in they go
tarra then, valentine,
no hard feelings

~ ~ ~