she sees creatures no one else sees
unless you're quiet
and fall into her

strange mice with bat wings
and a long rat tail
black and light as a leaf

a secret world
and you're there too

~ ~ ~

Language of Crow

As a boy, I was able to pass through matter

One day, at West Beach, Littlehampton
I pushed my hands into the rockface
and found, embedded, a baby crow
We became good friends

Sometimes we'd walk together
She'd rest in an inner pocket of my jacket
or sit in a special mesh pouch I'd made in my knapsack

She'd stand on the table and share my muesli
perch on the arm of the sofa when I watched telly
roost in the drawer where I put my T-shirts

but most of all, she'd fly

~To the hour, 21 years later
she disappeared through a portal in the sky

I moved into rooms near Heath Park, Cardiff
and after a week
150 crows arrived to live in the trees opposite

~ ~ ~