When my mother first made eggs
         and my father sperm
        a nexus in glue-world
       |    which subtends all   |
     |             a broth               |
                 knotted time
               mixt thoughts
             invented history
                 from out of

~ ~ ~

Some touching lovestone
has moved the surface again
but you know it's not for you –
the echoes play around your cage

Quarantined for your own good
we've seen you, on visits
and we know what you will do
long before it's ever occurred to you to do it

The door will not open –
you can dream of passing through
but you will get hungry
wake up

Almost like phantoms now
the shapes that move within someone else's movie
they linger and pass
and night folds in to fill their space

You click click the television
but you know these stories so well
you expect royalties

Another chunk of sleeptime draws near
but your straw bed
is not your friend

~ ~ ~