Why Do Dogs Look at Me and Grin

You know the astral plane is divided into 7 levels
but it doesn't really matter because I'm talking
about level 3 or 4 and that's where I'd expected
to receive some message or other because it's
half-eleven and the post will have arrived and
you'll have read my letter and I'd presumed that
I'd pick up some emotional discharge detect it
some strong outpouring over the ethers

~ ~ ~

Bus Driver

The bus driver parks up    
for a break            and a fag
with his hand in his pocket
talks to the doorman
Park Plaza, Waterloo
turn right for West End

Wind blows from the river
sharp            cold            bits of grit
all the building
sun on glass
14th floor, Westminster Hotel

I'm wearing my second skin
or maybe 3rd, 4th
I belong here
with my cigarette and notebook

You can trace the current along Embankment
Ruts painted red on the walkway
music of the city          
old man kicks a tin
Greek Street, St Barnabas

The doorman paces to keep warm

~ ~ ~