Dirty Love

In the drizzle
a huddle of smokers
touch shoulders
stay warm
outside Crewe Station

~ ~ ~

Today, I sat on a park bench

and put up my placard
strangers, come tell me your dreams

Hey, man, I had a weird dream,
this guy says
He's in a fawn raincoat, cleanshaven
but I get the feeling he's homeless
Can't be sure

I was a frog, man,
and at night I came out of the pond,
sat by a campfire and watched a party
Everyone was dancing and singing, laughing, hugging

It was strange, it was like I was so bewitched,
and without wanting to, I let out a croak
and everyone heard
and they said, how cute, how lovely
and someone started to play guitar
and the moonlight and clouds were beautiful
and me, the frog, I don't know why,
sprang back into the pond

Wow, I said,
still waiting for the weird bit

~ ~ ~