Darwin etc

The theory of evolution does has a flavour of common sense
the notion that we are sophisticatedmanimal life-forms is self-
evident especially when the whole fašade breaks down take a
visit to a shopping centre A-to-B-ing is not an unfamiliar
activity and you'd think practice would make perfect however
watch us herding through a small aperture for example a retail
establishment's doorway what the hell is going on beats me

~ ~ ~

The Way of Markets and Alleyways

Full up on one another
dizzy from nightfall's garish fruit
within the look of eyes
we see knots and barren waves

This knitting of threads is mindful
it is hitched to those who toss history into the river
they crowd us
we are fenced in, tied and shoved toward the whole

Us, the bound and burning, we rattle along
stroll through traffic
scrub past dawn
wait beside windows

Pulled to get on
impatient to the when of the start-back
each stone on the highway
is filled with colour and noise

The clatter of traders on the street
side cattle and salt, in from the fields
the days swarm live
bright Mondays scatter endlessly

(after Jonas Mekas, 14th Idyll)

~ ~ ~