sells water
to the wet

sells art
to artists

~ ~ ~

Sky and Skyline Calling

Rat dives into dirty old river, couples and singles
pass engrossed, mangy roses, black taxis, flocking sparrows,
roadsign to Dagenham, mobile phones, past the elephant
and Castle Underground Station, gratings, wet litter bins,
terrible tent-like white cotton top, wood bench, damp, munching,
moping, picnic, not much choice, sit in the shade, atishoo

Spotty tie, potato crisps, twigs, flaky trunks, crinkled shrubs, hubbub,
heels and tights, agreeable grey-haired lady kicks
duck, sandwich, coke, concrete steps, wilted ribcage leaves, weevils,
old newspaper, sad weeping willow, pallid narcissus,
more pink roses, misshapen ash sapling, tidy stunted bay
tree, remind-me-of-Flintshire golden chaffinch, black bollard,
collared dove, ornate lamp, nettles, petals, puppies lollop

Celebrity hairdo, Bardot, exposed shoulder, posh pink
T-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, resting, sudden hot sun, thank you,
babbling punters, kiddies paddle, daddies dawdle, natter,
riff raff, red-brick façade, brass lock, wall plaque, skirt and leggings,
cigarette, college, rucksack, kisses the bod with silver
beard, muscles, blood vessels, dayglo vest, yew tree, gravestone, vine,
chained bikes, hotchpotch, neatly pressed jeans, I'm off to the BM

Cosmopolitan, bronze metal statue, marble, rubble,
Doric columns, reliable directional arrows,
focussed on gift books, fizzy drink | Zen koan | Chrome steel café.

~ ~ ~