I Wanted to be a Rock God

but the job centre
made me work in a library
and I was bored

I was put in charge
of letters to overdue borrowers
but after a couple weeks there were complaints
and I was hauled up in front of the big boss

Apparently, my offers to send my friends round
to retrieve payment in kind
or extract satisfaction to the value of
were not appreciated

I could tell by his grin the boss was amused
but he said he'd have to let me go
and so I let him let me go
and I've been going ever since

~ ~ ~

That summer walk out of Montmartre
brought it all home
long months, rent unpaid,
heavier than our shoulderbags

That busker in Berlin
wrote a song about us
he says
and that Amsterdam painter
keeps us on his kitchen wall
he says
but I don't know what is real
and when it might have been

If someone keeps a half of you
you only have a quarter
for next time            and then an eighth

~ ~ ~