Dewisland (School Diary)

In my dream, I flew above the old airfield
estuary, hill, grey seals, The Bitches

Ramsey razorbills mobbed me
their blabber and hubbub woke me

I fell, serrated, volcanic
ripped into Horse Rock whirlpool
Pyramidal granite grazed my sides
airless downwards, darkness downwards
hard pressure hurt me

Forest patterns catch in the half-moonlight
pulse along the slopes of Watersnake Hill
In a clearing, Ishtar lies on the sacrificial rock
swampy, sleeping
Andromeda in the winter sky

~ ~ ~

Maybe it was the cheese
or that half-bottle of beer you found
at the back of the cupboard
but the electric jelly in your
reeks of pa
and every
bubbles up
screws around that silly lump of meat
above your neck
and you can wade in
get your hands dirty
or just let it pass
maybe try probiotics

~ ~ ~