The Other Side

and when we dreamt no one could touch us
we walked through the park to sit by the river
float out to sea the sun shone and we smiled
felt so clean in a world of love we burnt so
warmly (warmly) the cop's stopped their car
to stare at us… and then drove on their way
we watched the disney children playing on the
swings and all the comic actors so serious in
bizarro land and we breathed in sweet air to
fuel the dream our eyes so fresh and home to
play with filling up the tea pot and practice
our telepathy and get all the street dogs
barking and how come all these people keep
turning up? and we talked and joked went
zany crazy and laughed so much we hurt for a
week we never really saw just how well we
knew each other

~ ~ ~

We Voted

for a day walking round the Left Bank
old narrow streets, boulevards, shop windows, cafés
Now we're sitting in the sun, Luxemburg Gardens
along with half the population of Paris
but it's a gentle hubbub

I really could do with a proper, lay-down nap
but going back to the tiny hotel room would be so sad
and you've got to make some effort when on holiday
or else it's hardly worth the travel

I wasn't particularly interested in Sartre's grave
even though a group of students were sitting around it
Old bodies don't mean much to me
Not actually sure if meeting the guy alive, in the flesh,
would do much for me

~ ~ ~