From Time and Lenn

This drift is a mirage, a back-to-nothing
My head, tight durations of madness,
a tangle, not euphoria, bleeds

I escape into warmth
where mind-to-life is layered magic
not another monologue dramatized into sanity
a place where we grow into sun together
wrap the storm

Perhaps I could slip through
almost slumber into you
bring this silent passion closer

Slowly, just for tonight
let's talk with want and curiosity
trace the wind, the white air

Down in the alone isn't part of the dream

~ ~ ~

30 geese splashing, fighting
seagulls wait to scavenge
dropped eyeballs
pigeons like rats
pedalos and rowboats
going somewhere            coming back
a handful of varieties of duck
float about            cute
must be 500 now
over on the grass, picnic
groups, couples, trios
singles lay on towels and read

From this bench
on the edge of the green
I must have seen
1000 people

~ ~ ~