Sitting II

I'm here now
on the cliff edge
like a rock
unmoved for centuries
like the trunk of a gorse bush

The fulmars fly by
and look

and I look

That's the way it is
on their way back home after a busy day –
sitting here

~ ~ ~

On Songwriting

Seeing as how songs never say what I want
I decided to write my own
I will always love you seemed like a good start
but someone else had already written it
We can work it out – that'd been done as well

Songs are more than titles
but no one wants a long complicated account
of all that stuff that floods in, wells up, chokes
and I don't really have a lyricist's vocabulary

So maybe I'll stick with the poems
even if they take ages
…slow slow slow…
and in the meantime
autumn has nearly gone

~ ~ ~