No Sun, No Magic

This present unembroidered nature
is locked to forever, all destiny
collected, a constant keynote

Then something tears
when I touch your lips
my voice rips mid-breath

They say it's all in my head
but, in truth, you are complicit
By definition, a quality of action
distinguished by contrast
whether I observe you or not

Clouds force me to forget
I am not fully reborn

~ ~ ~

On Burning Tarot Cards

If you can picture beforehand
the exact cards you're going to get in your spread
then it's time to burn them, move on.

Don't take them down Oxfam, you'll kill someone
Sit nicely, outback, be thankful /appreciative
start a small blaze. Combust.

Your cards will transmigrate
into your physical surroundings
whereupon you may do your next readings.

Remember, in this instance,
the physical is regarded as comprising of
the mental, astral and physical/etheric planes.

Al Hezarim (Magus)

~ ~ ~