Mud and Methane

I need to go drink mud and methane
down in the swamplands

This clarity is too unhazy
these Sunday tourists too duplicitous
and Saturday is just as bad

Clamp on me a dentist's gasmask
knock me out, dream me crazy
not crazy, blotto

I bank up walls of distraction
chant monkish killer catchphrases
all day, all night

In the park
Jack Russell chases a ball
Grey Squirrel jumps a tree

~ ~ ~

Remember when we were down the pub and Dave
was talking about how his doctor had put him on
valium and told him not to do his exams but
instead repeat the year and then later when I was
getting in the back of the car this guy knocked me
to the ground because, he said, you and Rosie had
been taking the piss out of him all evening, and
once we got moving you said, you do know Dave
and I have split up, and I didn't, and you seemed
to think I'd planned this foursome whereas Dave
had and did you know Greta had just dumped me
and the idea of tranqs and a year off was beginning
to grip and actually, now, I'm not sure who you
were, your name was Tanya and I think you were
doing art or music or drama, oh yes, drama

~ ~ ~