Whilst On Holiday in Liverpool

Whilst on holiday in Liverpool I met John Lennon
He was living rough, and heavily disguised
just to get away from Yoko
I knew it was him because he looked a bit like him
and also he knew all the words to Give Peace A Chance
He said he'd done some recording
and that the tape was with a friend
who he owed money to
I drew out 800, and he said he'd post it to me
because I was catching the train back to Cardiff

Every morning I wait by my letter box
I don't think he's lost my address
because I wrote it on a big piece of paper
Maybe Yoko's got him
Maybe there's copyright and legal complications
Maybe he and George are sitting in a pub
having a good laugh

~ ~ ~

They Call it a Cottage / Thanks /

/ a huge garden /
room for 20 tents / a green-glassed greenhouse
choked with sour grape vines / a glimpsed cat
that scampers off like I was Jack the Ripper /
funny, the dusk bats and swallows
that crick my neck / my eyes ignore
the purple painted walls / try to /
sky red tonight / tomorrow will be fine

but let's face it,
giving up is easy / hard /
trust is nice / stupid /

The residual scrapes hurt my eyes
but they remind me
shit comes when you're a bowl

~ ~ ~