Fabulous Stubbornness

Divert me
       through you

Within you, I don't matter
       I am alchemist
       or meddler

Within you, I can play
       and then sleep,
       nicely lost in correspondences

Tonight, it's a holiday

Tomorrow, I'll be stuck in the city
       dreaming of hills

~ ~ ~

Devil's Punchbowl

You could reach into a pond
and find living things
that would cling to your fingers
some might try to bleed you

You could turn into a fish
blowing kiss
get suckered down            dragged down
to cave at centre

We're all squashed together
a lump of primal matter
kinda sexy            wet & squidgy

Let's get started
dividing, multiplying
fill the world with boys and girls
See you later, alligator

~ ~ ~