On the corner of Frith and Compton
an old espresso
in the drizzle

Walk past Ronnie's
behind some guy smoking a pipe
that turns out to be a cigarette
More smiles in a few minutes
than Cardiff in a few months
Hack through to the Square
for 1pm

It pays, I reckon,
to have somewhere to go
though maybe not a deadline

~ ~ ~

Cosmic Love

devolves into heightened paranoia
possession and tunnel vision

We talk like we've finally decided who to be
on a horse, with a sword
and yes, you can stand near
if invisible, in a parallel world

We grasp our grains of understanding
like rocks once used to throw at enemies
until our alliances have all been struck
or bat them back and forth like tennis
in belief there must be a victor
but fists shake from being clenched
and when night time hits daylight
someone else wants to play
through you
and all the while, they wait
like red wine
we learn how to work it

~ ~ ~