At First Light

we pushed the row boat into the lake
and set off toward the furthest bank
a journey of three hours

By noon we had climbed the escarpment
and relaxed in the shade of Yoshino forest

Now that summer is here
we channel a curious physicality
a time for sketches and measurements,
scientists collect evidence, later build theories

We wait for the heat to pass
then cross the plateau to the foothills

At twilight the voices go quiet
their average level of noise is so much higher than ours
but we don't waste time on fools
we rest on the certainty of hardened lovers
watch the moonrise over Mount Kashima

~ ~ ~

Foetal ain't comfortable
but then again            what is

A change of pain equals a release of pain
– pranged up meridians
Invoke equal and opposite            un-prang

I walked home at 6
but the grey lot jumped me
I made a list of every punch and slap
every fall and knock
as if it wouldn't digest down on its own

I think I should look forwards

~ ~ ~