The ferryman says the tides are very difficult
No crossing for 2 hours

I try to walk up and around
by the swingbridge
but the footpath is flooded
4' at least

I buy a few books from Oxfam
Kill time            have a coffee

On the other side, the tow path is fresh and open
all the way to the tea shop
I turn west toward the rail tracks
skirt the RSPB reserve
follow the narrow road
back to the ferry

~ ~ ~

Seven Mile Walk

The Manchester train
stopped stopping at Pontypool
but then started stopping again

08:20, cut along the towpath
dream of being back in my winterbed
warmed by a dozen monthling lambs
– somniferous not friskin
– bleats in the sheets
ears at efforted angles        

Later, on the slopes of the Brecons
the sheep are carnivorous
They feed on children
and tourists

~ ~ ~