Breakfast Onwards

share coffee
from lung black tea mugs
hot cross buns
from Tesco's
a dayful
from heady dawn
to indigestion
at dusk
blot out this colour
these people who prick
my alien bluff
pick my stumblebum banners
my curved spine
carpet knees
at last
the night
into sleep

~ ~ ~

These collected poems of
are like bricks
You carry one around
and you land up getting frisked
– offensive weapon
– do time on Alcatraz

I am not a rock or an island
even if I did go to IOW 69
Cathy sent me a postcard
see you there
I slept alone            in a ditch

If all poetry books were pocket-sized
you'd slip one into your pocket
I have no plans to build a wall

~ ~ ~