Awestruck with Strangers

This love-within voice is her work
rich, so angel, sweet, down in eyes
cast, fell lovely to wed love, my voice
gets near heart, her happy dream rite

Quietly, atoms coalesce from space –
a process of justice, natural
the effort to master this, a mistake
a literal mis-definition

But, like the earth core's playthings
like sub-intelligent puppets
like shoppers
we acted out platitudes
watched matter get more impenetrable
more loveless
until, blind and dead,
we fell to ground –

~ ~ ~

thousands of volunteers
threw themselves at the bayonets
of the old guard
it is permitted            they were told
(we need new ways
to get rich)
a crater in the chalk landscape
fills with blood
and still dogs get taken out
walk around the park
but I'm stuck
decades away
forward and back
when one of them licks my face

~ ~ ~